Welcome to Vaatstra Strings


As your teacher, Alex will inspire you to become an expressive and confident musician.

“Alex is a gifted violinist and teacher who brings an infectious passion and love of music to teaching students of all ages. Alex taught my daughter for five years between the age of three and eight. In that time my daughter progressed from being a complete beginner to someone who is now around grade seven. “

Parent of student



Alex  carefully plans his lessons so that they are individually tailored to meet the needs of each student. Alex’s greatest passion is to motivate his students to love playing their instrument.

“One of Alex’s strengths I believe is his flexibility regarding the teaching method he uses with each pupil. He intuitively follows the child and uses methods which are most suitable to that child’s way of learning. He loves to teach and it shows. He also likes to continually challenge himself and improve his own technique and his methods, and that makes a great teacher.”

Parent of student



Learning an instrument should be fun! Alex believes in making lessons enjoyable and always teaches from a positive perspective.

“I loved having Alex as a teacher. I liked that I could have some say in the pieces I played and I really liked playing duets together in the lesson. I liked that the lesson was not just technical stuff the whole time, but also the fun stuff like the duets and the beautiful pieces.”

Student, aged 13